Our current work involves examining different aspects of an emerging learning community. Each one of our participants is examining the same phenomenon - a unique graduate level course - from a different perspective. These includes how students enculturate learning community practices, dialogical reasoning, the development of norms, and the role of reflection and metacognition. 

The course - "Challenges and Approaches to Technology Enhanced Learning and Teaching" (CATELT) is taught by Dr. Dani Ben-Zvi. It has been the subject of numerous studies already, and is the kernel of our group research due to its innovative design. The course is unique because of its process-orientation: It rests on this idea that every learned concept or theory should be experienced and evaluated based on the student’s personal prism in the social context of the course. In this course, students learn about how people learn. As such, students participate in an emerging classroom learning community. As they do this, they are guided to ask personal reflective questions about their views, practices, and identity about the individual and collaborative learning they experience. Students’ informal and personal ideas about these learning processes can then be related to and deepened based on learning sciences content that is part of the formal course curriculum.